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Rent the Justifican Boat with your friends and family to enjoy a boat trip along the coast of South- West of Tenerife!

Come and have fun or just relax, exploring the island from the sea where you will admire it from an amazing point of view.

Fancy being Captain for the day or just for a few hours?  Then JUSTIFICAN is the ideal boat for you. A valid Boat Licence is required.  The Option to have a Captain on board is also available. It is very safe and easy to navigate the boat is 6,5 m long and is suitable for any age on board.  For your safety we will  explain all the safety rules to you at the begining of you tour. We provide the life-jackets, snorkeling equipment, Capacity for 6 People, 140hp engine.



Safety rules are explained before each tour.

Life jackets are provided and lockers are available for personal belongings.  

We take photos of the excursion that can be purchased at the end of the tour.

Departures from Puerto Colon


Tables Price

1 HOUR 100€ 120€
2 HOURS 190€ 220€
3 HOURS 280€  325€
4 HOURS 350€  400€
5 HOURS 420€  480€
6 HOURS 500€  570€
10  Litre fuel per hour free <- MANDATORY ->
* CAP. = With captain included.
* 200€ deposite or passeport/ 10 l Gasoil per hour free. Capacity for 6 peopel / 6,5 mts long / 140 hp engine
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pantalan Nº3. Puerto Colon, San Eugenio. Tenerife.
DEPARTURE TIME FOR 8 HOURS Please arrive by 8:15 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable Clothing, Swimwear, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.


Please contact us letting us know the hour, date and length of time you wish to rent the Justifican for. We will get back to you ASAP letting you know if the Justifican  is available or offer you an alternative time slot.  Thank you

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